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Learning Is Cool

Learning Is Cool is an educational reward program that recognizes strong academic performance in four local school districts.

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Now in its tenth year, the Learning Is Cool program continues to empower youth education in Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS), Covington Independent Public Schools (CIPS), North College Hill (NCH) and Middletown City Schools (MCS). An educational reward program, Learning Is Cool honors students for strong academic performance, specifically “A” Honor Roll (3.51+) achievements. We currently have over 31,000 students in the program, and we continue to see increases in the number of achievements each year!

Through acknowledgement and commendation, students who do succeed not only receive quarterly rewards but also a heightened sense of self-worth. They really appreciate the fact that someone other than family members is taking an interest in their grades! Students who are not yet attaining the Honor Roll are often inspired by their classmates to work harder.

Students who reach the “A” Honor Roll at least twice during the school year are invited to attend the Academic Achievement Celebration at the Cincinnati Zoo, where they get to meet Coach Lewis and Bengals players present them with a special medal of achievement! These students will receive an invitation to the zoo for the celebration happening at the end of the school year. 

2017 by the Numbers: